Friday, 30 November 2007

For the weekend: Style is nothing without heart

This is so random, i can't explain but I guess that's why my style is eclectic!!I start with a beautiful African woman looking fierce in her bubble hem dress with a little gold, just enough accessories to complete the look. Second, a classy lady indeed, only some can work that over sized Prada clutch, yet with your over sized glasses and that white dress...makes it seem classy. Overflowing beauty, that's what i call that dress, I love it. I saw a couple in different colours at Karen millen but you exceed, the calm colour of the dress plus the look at me hands brings a stylish feel to you when you enter the room. Yep, she's got style indeed!! A little bead here alittle skin there...that's all that you need sometimes. So tomorrow will come, an early bird as always for 6 days a week, feeling those boots, with the matching coat and black bag to compliment the buttons of your sleek coat...hell who said white jeans were out, uunh uunh girl, it's skinny white jeans now. Enjoy style, while it lasts.
African beauty prevails
Oversized clutch bag
the hands are what make the dress
Beaded mystery and the love of purple snakeskin

Ooh did i say, i forgot, Put the finishing touch with those glasses!

P.S Love is not everything, it's everything that comes with it that's love

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