Friday, 30 November 2007

Musings of me

It's like when ever you try, you get pushed down,
Who me, no, not me, I was never there,
It's like the memories are full of them,
Who you, you were never there,
it's like i'm sad when i love them,
Who them, they were never there...
It's like...
not like just its!!
My Mind is wondering, that's all, nothing big...I try to avoid it
But who said 'free your thoughts' crazy hunh
Ain't that what life is?
By the way who I'm I speaking to, me or you
I don't know but life is full of muse
Today is vision of my musing
Now only, maybe, does it prevail...why? Just ain't you it's me!!Cliche!!
Ain't that what it is!!
Mmmh...I love that!!
Hunh..The Musing of the's greater than you

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