Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wonder Workshop Spring Market

Long overdue this post was, so you know I took part in the Wonder Workshop Spring Market event which was held at the workshop itself. This place is just too creative. I did my FT Easy wear collection called, 'Mummy and me.' 

The first day was great and things went so fast,t he second day I spent the day with my daughter who loves fashion and to just be with me : ) I love her so much so I named this collection after her and i. She calls me Mummy.... (my name) : )

I thought i'd share with you all some of the lovely things that were there.


Kid's collection I made dresses, shorts and skirts

These are my specialty fabric, I love this fabric soooo much

Mama Maasai

Some of the creative things made my the disabled people at the shop

Enjipai in the far end

I love these Afri Craft people, so creative

Blind Tiger were there

Helens weaving is perfect, I bough myself couple of stuff for home

These are the people I support the most, Bibi Jan school selling these things to support the school kids getting books. This woman has a heart

There were entertainment for kids

Cute dresses

The Wonderworkshop shop

Creative or what


Mama Maasai

Second day, I added the metal man as a hanger and some metal banana trees... I am just too inspired! My daughter and I spent the afternoon designing and making necklaces and bracelets which are available at the shop

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