Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pastelles are the IT!

It's early 2012 and I am in love with pastels (not Neons). I believe they are soft and lady like! Whether just accents (lips, accessories etc.) or full outfit I feel it brings out the lady in you.

My thing now is actually nail colour, so I every Saturday after my one and half hour Yoga lesson, I look forward to my pedicure and manicure. Thank God for my mums ability! I believe if you love something you should do it the way it is professionally done. I love my times at Top Knots (mum's hair & beauty Salon). OPI nail colours are the IT!
I have had both above upper colours on my nails, gorgeous. Next week pale pink or yellow : )
Thanks for the inspiration Ellie Saab <3

I am gunning down for pastel jeans, light shirts and shoes. Mmh I smell a shopping spree coming soon 
: )

What sort of Pastels are you embracing at the moment?

Love FT.

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