Friday, 6 January 2012


Well a happy new year to you all! I hope you had a grand welcome to the new year.

Mine was a mixture of emotions. By the end of 2011, I was so exhausted and was ready to take a chill pill. Of-course sometimes my job doesn't allow that especially in December. We decided on a week holiday full of relaxation.

For 3 weeks of December my heart was telling me something is not right but I ignored it and moved on. It became so bad my intuition to a point I was irritate of anything coming my way. I just wanted to go far far away. Problem was I had no idea what is up, despite being exhausted, I was not sick at all.

My hubby, was busy trying to give me the best holiday, of-course I rejected and wasn't happy with anything! I just wanted to be at the beach (a very clean beach may I add) and feel tranquil with peace in the heart. Bless him, he was so busy : ) but some how I just wasn't feeling everything! Mid of the holiday and no holiday had, I was even more frustrated because I didn't have my holiday! You would think I am sick, pms or something but none of those.

So later on that afternoon, I get a call from my mum and there it was, two days before the New Year and the woman who dedicated her time and effort to teach me the etiquette of a lady and a wife. Trust me we spent a lot of time, I asked questions, we laughed, we shared stories that I probably haven't even shared with my mum. She shared stories with me that she probably wouldn't have shared on normal circumstances.

There it was my heart felt a relief that I wasn't hoping for! She is dead after getting malaria which caused loss of blood and triggered heart problems. My older sister died of malaria too at age 6 so don't let it fool you! The last time I saw her, a week before this, she had lost so much weight and couldn't breath properly with a drip of blood in hand. Yet she was as usual, making jokes and telling me off for not having a baby yet : )

So in short I welcomed the New year at my aunts' funeral. On New Years' eve my family and I decided not to be sad and have fun! We made food set up a table on my grand mother's yard and enjoyed the coming of the new year remembering what she would do if she was around.

This year, I decided not to make resolutions and live life to the fullest. The best thing I can do for myself this year is LOVE ME! 

I say:


Love FT!


Anonymous said...

Pole FT.

Finishing Touches said...

Thank you so much!

love FT!