Wednesday, 7 December 2011

EasyWear at Artisan Market

FT EasyWear Top and FT Accesories

FT EasyWear, FT Accessories and Pichini Collection

This past weekend as I posted last week, there was an Artisan Market at the Oysterbay Shopping Centre. I must say I opened my mum's salon in 2005 and FT Boutique in 2009 since then I have never seen that place that packed. It was a great experience full of so many creative people from around Tanzania. I was pleased to be around so many creative women who were selling their talent and not looking for popularity.

I have for a long time been making clothes with my mum, and my little sister. My Mum is a professional tailor with skills like no one i've ever seen. I am a very creative designer, when I touch a pencil to draw I can design for days. My creativity just pours! : D

I found these great fabrics and told my mum i'd love to display some at the market if they let me since The Artisan Market is not just for anyone, you must be registered and be about something and giving back to the community not just selling for your own profit. 

So in two days we made EasyWear by FT and the response was great, all were sold out, I was so happy! Plus more orders that people asked me to make! 

Let me tell you about FT Accessories, when I thought of FT long time ago 5 years back or more I actually wanted Finishing Touches to be the finishing touches that make your outfit. I wanted to make great and unique jewellery. Anyway, after the first sells, I travelled back to London and the person who made my designs decided to sell the designs to shops around Dar and ran away. So I kept busy with my career so the other day I thought I should revive my passion and seriously I never thought I'd get such a great response. I thank God for it and the organisers of the Artisan Market for allowing me to display my creativity.

Since we are giving out 10% of our Pichini Sales to The House Of Peace, we decided to also display the collection and thank you to those who supported the cause, it was great knowing you all do like to help women who go through Domestic Violence.



Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo touched that i missed this, i saw your posting and i had planned to visit but saturday errands got in the way! By any chance do you have photos showing other shops/stalls? Or where are they selling their creativity? Where is your shop located? I love the accessories - the yellow clutch, bracelets, silver/wood combined necklace...awww gorgeous!!! Kudos for supporting House of Peace....violence against women is unacceptable...against any human being is unacceptable!!

Finishing Touches said...

Hi, Thank you and it was a great event! Unfortunately it was so busy I couldn't move away from my stall and the shop. We are at The Oysterbay Shopping Centre next to Top Knots Hair & Beauty Salon! All exhibitors apart from Wonder Welders who are in Oysterbay, the rest were from Zanzibar, Iringa, Mafia and so on! Karibu, By the way there's some of the exhibitors who will be at Makutano House this Saturday for the Christmas Fair and Naledi (Kemi Kalikawe) will be showcasing from 4pm!