Saturday, 12 November 2011


Sorry guys, I actually have not gone MIA but rather been busy with work and at night going to SFW. First day had a great vibe despite minor hitches (rain stopped the show for a bit). I was impressed by fellow boutique owner's collection, KIKI'S FASHIONs on this first day. Great work, checkout pictures. Sorry I forgot my camera so had to use my iPhone. I went with my beautiful mama and who was invited by EVE's collection. It was lovely spending time with mama and sat with Mustafa Hassan Ali whose actually quite a fun person. Got little insights that added to my enjoying the event. The Models are from Kenya, uganda, Zambia, Botswana and Sudan. I absolutely fell in love with this dark Sudanese Model, whose catwalk was perfect. Didn't quite get her name will get it tonight when I attend the last day of SFW. Anyway Enjoy:

When you enter the building, you are welcomed with stalls of different shops and designers selling their items. Others being intervied, flashing everywhere! Great atmosphere as a whole!

The Show was opened by Eve's collection

This was my favourite of the collection

Eve's mum was one of the models, which is sweet! A Familiar Affair  : )

The Designer making her debut

Next was Paka Wear

This is the Model I was talking about

The Designer of Paka Wear

Next was a very creative woman, using all natural materials very talented Diana Magessa

I loved these woven suitcases! I want one!

I looked twice and was so mesmerized at this

There was Asia Idarous

Nambi Brenda from Uganda
Loved this dress and leather jacket from the collection

Then My Favourite of the Night, Kiki's Fashions, which is a very wearable collection. I liked the colour arrangements and the fact that there was concept behind it, the fabric wasn't the driver of the collection as of many 'designers' in TZ.

loved this baby doll dress!

What do y'all think?

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