Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm Voting Eskado Bird - What's Your Freedom Tanzania

Remember my first feature about Eskado Bird, well Eskado bird will be show casing at the Swahili Fashion Week this week and Estazia (The Head designer of Eskado Bird was voted An award for the new designer)

I am all for creative people who do not follow the norm. I met Estazia at the Dar Fashion Festival and she wowed me at the Fashion Show and I found her stuff very unique. I even tried to push her to sell me some of her very unique display items (I know a sucker for the unique). So I will be Voting for EB... Support a great designer ladies and gents I see a great future for her and her brand.

To Vote: 

Be blessed and keep doing you!

Below is a sneak peek at the new What's Your Freedom collection which will be show cased at the SFW this week.

See what I'm talking about with the unique fashion, this is fab!

The lady herself at Africa Fashion Week

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