Tuesday, 8 November 2011

FT Travels

A few months ago, I decided to go explore the Asian world. I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong! My high school best friend is from there and she always came back with the funkiest of styles. But she always warned, 'it ain't cheap.' Never one to shy away from quality uniqueness so after so many years I decided to start from Beijing then Hong Kong then Malaysia for 2 weeks. I was actually going to Beijing for the art festival and for my other business. It is a lovely place but so difficult as no one and i mean no one speaks or even understands English. Good for their pride but for tourists, MEEEEH! 

So I got really frustrated and asked my dad's friend if I can get a translator (whom I had rejected earlier when he asked : P). The translator was a petite girl called Shirley. She was so helpful and even though her english was also not so good but she truly inspired me. She is a hardworking 24yrs old girl who is engaged to a guy in Australia and never has time for even shopping. Whilst there I discovered Soho, OOOoooh Lord, I was stuck there and she was so sweet and thankful that I had showed her a new place to shop and hangout! Dumb founded, I realised everyone is a traveller and each day we get up and go out we are travellers who might just discover that little place that you just fit in.

The boutiques there were incredible and top class, damn the blazers just thinking of them makes me yearn to go back. BUT, would I, that's a question for another day. The other thing I loved about my new find was the healthy food and I spent a lot of time at the gym each day an hour or two. I vowed to try each spa at each hotel we stay at. In beijing we stayed at The Fairmont Beijing. It was lovely the architecture and the theatre right next to the hotel which was actually part of the hotel.

One thing I hated was the food, uggh! Weird thing I looooove Chinese food so much. In fact my favourite new hang out is at the Great Wall Restaurant at Oysterbay by my favourite person Jackie Chan (Yes, you had that right, Not the movie star but he is a star). I'll tell you what he does in another post.

Anyway, After Beijing we jetted off to Hong Kong, and I fell in love. We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. It was nice weather although it didn't look like it as there were clouds everywhere but it was so hot and no rain. Hong Kong is made of mountains and the main city is under the mountains so we went to visit the peak and see hong kong from a high view. We loved! : D
This is hong kong, see what I mean about the think cloud yet it's HOT! Pollution people stop it : )

Then we were off to Malaysia for my cousin's graduation. By the time I got there I was sick so thank God cuz my Hotel was right next to the best attraction. The Twin Towers, the 2nd tallest buildings in the world and most other attractions. I was home with the food and again we stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Malaysia. It was alright but I loved the park and the fact that they had everything I would need at close vicinity, gym, food, shops, and a park with a running track. That's my hotel by the way, it was too tall so didn't want to break my neck taking a picture of it.

Ain't this a beautiful park, why don't we have these in Tanzania! Dear Corruption, please stop it! : )

Through this tiring but well worth it journey I learned the above and really just wanted to go home and spend time with the people i love the most and appreciate them.

Love FT

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