Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chic on the Cheap or 

Today I am Featuring my favourite favourite photographer and my lil sis from another mother and father, Miss Angelique Sylvia Eungie Culvin. A lot of people have been asking who takes my pictures and this very talented young lady is the master of all the greatness with some finishing touches from my husband :D  Angie is very capable of editing and giving the effect you'd like.

Angel is not only talented in photography but she is art, she loves to experiment in the way she dresses, her hair and her art of photography. I was her first client when I started FT Accessories in 2009. She met my vision exactly how I wanted. She is a goal oriented person who will set goals that she will make sure she meets.

I admire young people who know what they want and go for it. Many parents would not support their children in making photography a career and study choice but what they don't realise is, there's so much more to it. She has proved that, she now has so many clients who adore her work, most recently Joy of Dafire Arts (A jewellery designer in Tanzania). I Salute you Miss. Culvin. She has inspired a lot of the now up and coming young photographers to go for their dreams. If you'd like to book her when she is in town as she is now in Ireland pursuing her photography degree (into her 2nd year):

Please visit the links above and her Facebook page!

I admire Angelique's style and her natural hair is bananas, so I picked some of my favourite photographs of her so you can see for yourself.
Working the wrap

In her bantu knots

From her blog

Working box braids

Pairing the cheap with the chic

This her natural hair, curled to perfection

She recently chopped half and grew and afro, ain't this pretty

Love the memorable converse

Cheap on the Chic indeed

I love the hair style so much and the fact that she experiments with her natural hair

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