Thursday, 6 October 2011


My dad has always been a tech guy so I never had to buy my own laptops or any electronics. But when time came and I needed a change IBMs which are so annoying with all the viruses and ridiculous pop ups. I wanted a laptop that really made me feel like this is me. 

I went shopping found the Apple store, i'm a book worm I went and searched about Steve jobs, learned and listened to his speeches about apple computers. What really got me there was those colourful desktops. I always wanted a pink or orange one but I can't carry a desktop to Uni for my multimedia projects. Nooo!

Then there it was 2 years or 3 later a Macbook in white, so lady like and i can get all the accesories like a bag and softwares for my media graphic designing projects. My Salary had just come through, and I didn't even think twice or hesitate. I purchased, and never have I looked at any other computer or electronic maker since. Now I use a MacBook Air that I got as a wedding present but my first baby the first MacBook in white, is still there and in tiptop conditions being worked on like it hasn't been with me for 5years.

I was always a Samsung girl when it came to phones until my now husband then friend introduced or let me say pushed me into loving the Iphone and as soon as they release a new one I am always the first to get it! I have never been disappointed nor let down by the 'i' ever! From the ipod, to the i pad, to the iphone to the Macs Family. I truly hop enow the man behind it all has gone nothing will change. Since Man who created the Apple with the bite marks truly 'RULED' the electronic market.

But even without the electronics, Steve Jobs, has been an inspiration to me. He sees things beyond what the eye can see. He spoke wisdom, and I'm not sweet talking because the man is dead as many a men who have died then all of a sadden you hear, 'marehemu alikuwa mtu mzuri  aka (OOOoo He was such a lovely man),' even when yesterday you were like I hate and despise that person. No Steve Jobs was truly an inspiration made for the people of the earth... I say his brain is a work of ART in itself.

For all this, May he rest in eternal PEACE!

My husband will miss you but I will miss your Inspirational speeches and work of art even more.

"And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

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