Tuesday, 20 September 2011

FT Boutique

For the fun loving!
This is actually a dress (orange), green is a skirt! 

I love my sis! She makes everything work! So, anyway so many people ask me if my sister shops for the clothes at the shop. No. I pick each and every piece myself some from designers who send me sketches or samples then I say exactly what i want, some I buy from various areas in the world. I love designing but have no time to start making.

I have a very simple, veeery simple style and I love buying clothes that no one would find anywhere else or at-least one one pieces that are so unique! My style is very conservative, pencil skirts, A-line dresses and shift dresses but I am never scared of colour, in fact i love it. My sister in the other end can walk in to my or her closet pick up two different things and make them work. The amount of times I've told her I've nothing to wear and she always finds something with a tag in there, lol! As I said before, we learned fashion from our mum, who always made clothes and still until today she makes so many clothes to a point I get bored of how many things she makes! And the familiar, 'I have nothing to wear,' lol. 

Anyway, I always tend to pester people about the designer or whoever makes the clothes then I'll find them (designers)! It's hard but well worth it! I get help from a very great friend who owns a beautiful boutique in london that I have loved in years! 

For me, my boutique is not about me or how I dress, it is how I can help women from all walks of life feel complete by looking absolutely classy! And that they do!

For me FT is like walking into your own personal closet/shop, it's like a treasure that you find when you are walking to somewhere else.

Thank you all for your support and for your feedback for this new collection and since we've been open ( coming 2years).

Love FT!

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