Saturday, 24 September 2011

Comfort...In your skin...Style...Hair

I've been asked, why I'm I so obsessed with Solange Knowles, well actually I never was until she did the big chop. Changed her attitude, style and learned to embrace who she is. See Solange is a very talented young woman, who actually is the one who writes a lot of her sisters big hits, before being a singer, Solange is a song writer. Many people tend to lie under the shadow of their piers and never find themselves or even the comfort to shine for who they are. 

I envy the confidence and care free in her own 'SKIN,' (I put that in brackets because it means so much more than just skin, think about it). Many a people may say/comment what they want but be confident in your own SKIN and keep living. And thus, comes my obsession with Ms. Solange Knowles.

Beyonce is a beautiful singer and I admire her drive, it's inspiring but Solange for me resembles the shining star that twinkles when you are sitting or lying down at the park or balcony. You are mesmerised and keep looking for that same star as it gives you hope and makes you want to strive to be you.

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