Friday, 29 July 2011


Hi Ladies & Gents,

Allow me to introduce to you a new collection at FT Boutique made by talented girls who were inspired by africa. PICHINI Collection blends African prints with modern styles and to top it all off, 5% of the sales is donated to the only women's shelter in the country, House of Peace. I have known about about PICHINI for a couple of years now and I am finally glad that I can share this modern collection which is targeted at us young ladies. Not only is it different but you'll definitely turn heads. Pichini produce sisal bags like the yellow one you see, shorts, belts, v back dresses, long halter neck dresses, my favourite shift dresses, trousers and jump suits. 

The collection available now at FT Boutique is the preview of bigger things to come so stay tuned.

So come be stylish and Charitable!

Ladies it's always time to dress. 

Love FT!


John B. Marine said...

This dress (or is it a romper? I can't tell with the designs on it) is lovely along with those pumps. Very lovely! I don't see how any female can NOT turn heads with lovely fashions like these.

Finishing Touches said...

This is a dress rompers and jumpsuits soon to come!

Thank you for your support.

Love FT