Thursday, 5 May 2011

“Oui la vie c’est l’amour, et l’amour c’est la vie..

How do you do my lovelies? I hope you've been blessed with a lovely week. My week was filled with trying to sort out files and organising things on all walks of my life. A perfectionist's disadvantage is that they will always worry until something is perfect. I am still in the process of a couple of stuff but as promised i'll be popping in and out of the blog. If you will please bare with me!

To me, life is all about cherishing what you have while working hard towards your goals. It’s about seeing growth and progress. It’s about giving and accepting love. It’s about helping, teaching and learning. It’s about taking risks and making decisions. It’s about consequences. It is about struggling, moving, dancing, speaking, singing, much more than just breathing. So lets make the best of it : )

Pas de vie sans amour. Pas d’amour sans la vie.” 

: )

Love FT!

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