Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Relax and Get close

So how has your Easter/ Union Day break been? Ours great, we planned to travel however opted out and chose to finish decorating our house and relax at home and do anything other than work. Isn't this one the things in my list? : ) I'm liking the way things are going!

It was great and the house has a touch of us everywhere, many married couple can easily get tired of spending too much time together. Like us, we work together and see each other almost 24/7. We've learned that the best way is to do other things that will build our relationship but also bring us closer.

Hubby and I, are very strong minded people. By that I mean we have our own tastes and likes and stubborn at what we believe is right : ) The thing that makes us work is our friendship. You see, before we were anything we were friends for a few years. This creates a whole different relationship whenever there's conflicts of interest or when it comes to knowing what the other person likes and wants without being selfish.

We painted, re-arranged, built stuff and even baked cake together... for this, I love him and I'm glad for our relationship despite just being my husband.

Enjoy the rest of your break and stay blessed my people.

Love FT!

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