Tuesday, 5 April 2011

organising my space

Lately I've been so busy that I don't get time for me or even for anything else apart from work. I must say I am not complaining in terms of being busy but I need someone to come and help and that's rear even for me. I need to put new stuff at FT and organise myself more but time is of an essence after all.

I think the only time lately I've been getting to think of any other than work is when I blog which is becoming infrequent too. I would love to get time to redecorate our house, my closet and my office needs a total make over.
For someone who has to much of everything I don't know how this is going to work. I have a walk in closet that is almost full and I continue to buy : * mmh! Somethings still have tags and have never been worn but I still think one day I'll put it on with no where to go. I absolutely love this closet it's clean but too small for moi I think. I think I need the Decorista, and please the easier for me to put my clothes back the better.

I love this but i'm a lingerie person : ) I love feeling good from the inside out. So mmh need to think of how i'd do this but this is so neat and easy!

Next project is my office, I hate executive desks, I love this and need more storage and an inspiration board. That would be so cool, so I can look at it all the time and be inspired!

Love this too, and flowers will help to make me feel fresh and brighten my mood at busy times!
Maybe i'll share the before and after, that's if I get to it! : )

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