Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Magazine Love

I love reading magazines and whenever i travel I make sure to take a whole load. They are like souvenirs I collect all around. From Business, Fashion to Interior... I don't know I am not a gossip girl so in very rare occasions would you find me on the gossip mag only if it has hot new trends and a big fashion section.

So to my delight I saw these and you know I love me some O and this Cover shoot for Elle Magazine is clearly of the hook. That's what I call creative, I could write some poetry to it cuz it says a lot:
I love the US O mag, the African one is so boring and nothing interesting. This one always has a personal touch from O herself and you know the woman has wisdom.

Diahn Carrol and Ms Keri look fabulous

Beautiful, I want bangs

This is beautiful.

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