Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hush Child...I'm in Love : )

Oh My God! My heart just sunk and I am WOWED! 

Hush child I'm in love wouldn't you feel the same : )


ChicaMOD said...

Where ara the print wedges from?

Finishing Touches said...

They were from a PR show room.. (HUSH) I am still trying to figure out the designer myself. I will share with you once I learn of the designer.

Love FT!

ChicaMod said...

Btw we would love to do a piece on your boutique. We love your presentation. You can email us any promo material/Boutique shots :

Finishing Touches said...

That'll be great. I will schedule in a shoot for the shop and send you some asap!

Appreciate the interest in featuring FT Boutique.

Love FT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks FT, we look forward to the shots. We do have some from your fb page and blog. However, any other material you would think would promote your boutique, we would love to showcase. We are a website dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all East Africa has to offer.
Thanks for all your positive energy.

Kind Regards
ChicaMod Team