Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Confidence

Hello Ladies, yes yes i've gone MIA but always for a reason. I was away for a little while, sometimes a girl just needs to get away. You learn a lot through travelling especially to a more developed world. The creativity they embrace is amazing. You see, I think a country needs to embrace it's people's talents and I believe there are a lot of creative people who are not supported in Tanzania let a lone Africa. 

I see a lot of creatively minded people who in away are very clever to use their skill of self branding as a way to make life happen through Fashion, and other businesses. Whatever makes you money eyyi! Even if someone doesn't have the talent it can pass as long as you sell your Name, tisk Africa. It is branding after all, thus it is a talent : )

In celebrating myself, as a woman of the worlds, I want to embrace New Confidence. Isn't that one of the things I'm working on this year. It's hard because I've gone through a lot in the last couple of years and it has really shunned my trust in people whoever you maybe. That's the worst thing in the world, to not be able to be free, make new friendships or with a tendency to even reduce the ones you have. Some saying i'm intimidating and quiet, some not approachable never boastful, Thank God! 

But those who know me say I am talkative, too caring so easily hurt. I laugh a lot and get angry quick but do not like to stay angry for more than a second. The worst of my habits are that I will forgive but I will never forget so I will move the furthest away from you. But I never shun a friend in need if what he or she did wasn't too big.

In my moving back home, the first year was the worst but I am just settling and want to get back my social life and confidence. I feel I have healed inside so now let's make the next step.

What would you do if you were in my place? I know a lot of you who read my blog also have some insecurities that may deter you from moving forward in some way or another.

Love FT.


ur crazy bibi...USA said...

Aweeee this piece is so touching....my dear....
much luv for you and happy for u in everything that u trying to achieve...

Anonymous said...

i think i love ur blog.keep it up

Finishing Touches said...

Thanks a lot!

Keep visiting, please : )

Love FT!

Anonymous said...

Hey FT,It happens that I saw your blog today.and to my surprise when i was going through it I found this post.
Believe me this post speaks to me directly.I advice you to Google Introvert vs Extrovert.you will see what i want you to know n live happy.
I'm somewhat of introvert and found that there a lot of advantages to posses that personality.However, if you are not aware you might think you are weird, different, unfriendly and all that.
I have been fighting confidence thingy for years.Sometimes I thought probably it was because of situations happened way back but I realised it wasnt like so.after I identify my personality I become more strong and now I can talk to a person or stranger/not used to by looking in his/her eyes with no fear.really,I find more strength everyday by doing things I never did before.
I'm into fashion as well, I love writing, I'm a greater thinker,creative and I hold many of your characters
Stay blessed and Keep shining

Finishing Touches said...

Hi Stella,

Thanks so much for your feedback and it's good to know I am not the only one.

I think i have learned to accept it as my personality and go with it.

Will look into Introvert & Extrovert and learn more how to embrace who I am rather than change : )

Keep visiting,

Love FT!