Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Style My Way

So I asked one of my friends to describe my style, and she sent this. I must say on point, I love Vintage Classics with much inspiration from Jackie O the style maven herself. I love pencil skirts, White button downs, Straight bootleg trousers, Dresses, flat shoes, kitten heels. I have so many high heels but 95% probably have either never been worn or only once when I go out in the night. I always feel taller than everyone and like I'm looking all down : D I'm mad like that but most of my friends are short or my just tall, figure it out : D

I heart polka dots and looking for the perfect polka dot dress at the moment. I have 2 that are just identical in style just  one black and white polka dots and vice versa. My mother thought it would be great two buy me two since I looked great in the first one : P Love her though

My Style is simple and sleek all at once and I'm getting fond of the lipstick however light I can wear it of-course that's the best for me : )

Love this Vogue shot so much now I want that suit.

What's your style?

Love FT.

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