Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In the hectic world

In this hectic world, you need to find one thing that just releases your stress.
For me it's shopping especially at Carnaby street or Portobello market on Saturdays from 7am! That's the best time to stroll around and you will find the most creative of things. Vintage classics such as the camera that's at the shop right. I love it!

One has to have a skill to shop vintage, I don't have the patience so normally the only things i'll buy vintage, are like classic lighting, home stuff (tables, lights, mirrors), my favourite of all is those classic bags Oh My God I want one just to decorate at the shop. Since, I am actually thinking of giving the shop a face lift, like a vintage classic, Katherine Hepburn look (chandelier, pearls and travel bags as deco).  I love vintage telephones too, they add a certain classiness to this digital world!
Won't that be cool!

I'm already excited but lately I don't get time because of my career but i'll get there soon!

I need retail therapy or to go swimming and relax at the beach... mmh! I wish, or rather I hope to get time!

By the way, there's a certain misconception about the word Vintage, vintage can be anything new or second that is from a certain era. I love the 60s! The word itself was a terminology used when describing  Wine. It adds a certain elegance to the fact that it is from the old!

So Think Vintage! Mmh, We call my best friend Vintage... what elegance she has and never changing self!

Above all : ) keep Smiling and visiting FT!

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