Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What to do?

This Saturday is my husbands birthday and as it is Ramadhan what to do what to do! Mmmh.... cake and lots of food? (uggh boring) umm.. Any ideas?
We should always celebrate life after all you are only given one. : )


Anonymous said...

im a big fan of your site..
i think you should take your husband out to dinner in one of the best restaurant.a fter a good meal suprise him with a cake and champagne at the restourant... later on take him home and do what u think will please him... thats just my advice.. trust me it will work... and dont forget to tell him how good of a husband he is.. it will make him feel appreciated and special.

Finishing Touches said...


Thanks for visiting FT. And your advise might just be what I have to do, I know he'd love it. I'll definitely do that with a little bit of a Finishing touch : )

Keep visiting my site.

Love always,


Anonymous said...

thank you for taking my advice.. wishing u all the best. by the way u can also visit blog

Finishing Touches said...

Nice One... My sister would love you for caring for the environment : )

Love FT