Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FT's only once

After the wedding I decided to make changes in my life, I first, decided to go full time on my digital media agency. I have also been giving some very deserved love to my pride and joy (FT Boutique). So I had a bit of fun and treats for FT customers on the 7th August only. It was fun as the first customers got to go with a lot of goodies and fun in store. As much as it hurt me to see somethings go at half price but in the end it was worth the day of really bonding with my clients. Unfortunately, I felt sick mid-day and had to leave it all to my very trusted sales associate.
As I look forward to Fashion Week, I just cant wait to have new stock in at FT so for the first and only time FT is having a 30% off all items in store. Even added some old favourites that have been requested by my customers. Below is the first ad (appeared in Advertising Dar) by the very exclusive FT Boutique at Oysterbay Shopping Centre. Ladies there's always time to dress...


Anonymous said...

Hi FT, how you doing,yesterday Dec 20th was my first time on your blog I realy love your style. I was wondering if you have more of Kanga "mishono". Thank you and all the best.

Finishing Touches said...


Thank you so much for visiting FT. I will be having more Khanga inspirations next year so keep visiting and keep being inspired : )

Have a lovely Festive Season.