Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not Shying away just in a Zone

Hey all, yes I know! Lost I am seen I'm not! First, let me start with it's 2010... wohooo! Not so optimistic eyi! Well I welcomed the year with being unwell and out of the zone completely. I have been however receiving a lot of comments asking where art thy, I'm becoming very unfinishing touches (that was a funny one) and there other one, if I can't do the job I should close. That one made my day, because I had to sit down and go back to the reason why I started this blog. A smile crept up my face, and I remembered my love for fashion and interior decorating. There was so much for me to put down on paper so I decided why not a blog. I very much appreciate your visiting my blog and having the same passion as I do. 

Do all remember do something because you love it not because it's a job. 

Have a lovely week and i'll do my best to come back with a bang.

P.S. On image: cropped trousers available at FT Boutique. New bags, and clothes also available!! I love my shop... Thank you to those who have supported me in every way and those who are loving it as much as I am.

Love FT.


fatma said...

welcomw back FT, yaani i used to open ur blog almost everyday, i knew u will come back,i can see u have come back loaded, me love it, haki am sooo happy!!!
all the best dear....

Finishing Touches said...


Thanks for the support. I very much appreciate it and yes I am back fully loaded and hope to continue that way.

Keep visiting FT : )