Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dreamers into Doers

For a long time i've had dreams,
Dreams to have FT as a company,
Dreams of this and that and all of the above,
What is my greatest set back, FEAR.
Fear of failure, fear of imperfection, fear of everything you can think of even my least favourite people.
I tend to not fear what who and who may think but since I have been in Tanzania, I take my steps with measures. It is what I call a village of 'I would do everything so you will never succeed.'
If you follow these fears, damn, I definitely would be locking myself in my room and not coming out. 
Here is where the most judgmental group of people reside,
When I came here, I was full of energy and working hard to build my empire,
I took a seat back and said mh wait a minute baby girl you need to prioritize,
I thank God I got into the industry I worked so hard for,
so now what's next?
Every single day I ask myself, what about the rest of my dreams...I would find excuses, oh i'm too busy, ooh i can't travel all the time,
A lot of people have been encouraging me to start up FT and the rest of the things because I can and I am so capable of but what they think and see is not necessarily what I feel.
now, I shall ask myself one thing, The New Year is coming......which one do I want to be? 

A dreamer or A Doer?

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