Thursday, 4 December 2008

Bloated Days...Feel sexy

Style is carried by confidence, if your confident about your style, when you get out of there you'll shine!! So today for some reason I feel like eating every minute of the day or maybe second to the point now I feel bloated and lost the look!! I still look cute...with my lil' jeans, white tee and a lil' jacket to compliment it and make the outfit appropriate for work. Anyway, since I've been here, I am still waiting to see beautiful African designs... one or two are trying but not yet there. I am a perfectionist and it has to be on point wow without a but!! In encouraging those fellow Africans with style, the creativity and talent to produce exactly what I call is what I found:
Sweet, I love the colours and it's just so finished to perfection
Would totally wear it
Essential height
My plus sized beauties, check this out..Fabulous

but this is my favourite, the thought of mixing those fabrics and colours with that design is just perfect!

Keep hope alive...and Confidence at balance


Anonymous said...

These desings are fabulous, I do something very similar with the Kanga and Kitenge Fabric. I'm due to open my online store which i will be launching next year March/April. So when my site is up and running i will surely let u know. Stay blessed!!


Finishing Touches said...

Thanks, That would be lovely!!

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