Monday, 14 July 2008

The essence of Jeans

I know, i've been extra quiet and my lil' sis well she is here on holiday so until September you wont be getting her eclectic simplistic style. Girls, I have jeans for every body size..just check these perfect jean trousers tailored for your body. You must know what suits your body otherwise you'll always look wrong no matter how beautiful the outfit might be...
For my tall and slim ladies well..its all about the slim
wide waist is your problem here is how to look fab with it
I love me this wide legged...Oooh i love it
Aaah..if you are on the plus size, girl don't try too hard with the straight legged, and fitted jeans..mmh mmh you are a flared girl
My curvy cousin would look perfect in this...
My petit best friend is loving me right now
If you have long legs girl the high waisted is totally you

For those with hips and bust..aah girl I see you in this


Anonymous said...

Good tips FT could you tel me the last style where can i get it and the-brand name of the jeans ?

FT said...

Hey thanks, I try my best. Just a quick question I need to know where you are 1st to be able to direct you please!!

Keep visiting FT

FT said...
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