Thursday, 12 June 2008

Summer fashion icon: Beyonce

Ladies, it is known that if one wants to look the best, one should learn from the best.

Among others ofcourse, Beyonce has proved herself to be a BEAUTIFUL & CLASSY woman. In Tanzania i have noticed that in the midst of trying to dress more like the stars of today, or trying to follow trends, failed attempts just come off as slutty (pardon me for being so blunt) with all your interests at heart, here's how its done...So grab a pen and paper ladies you in for a treat!!
A perfect ensemble of colours (that is blending and not overdoing it) amounts to nothin' but class...
Simply head turning
I must admit there have been a number of times in the past where i have run in to people matching their accesories with their shoes or bag...and most of them were in elementary school. let it go ladies..simplicity shines more than any diamond.
With reference to some ladies' "failed attempts" this style is definately one of them! I am yet to be impressed...though some have caught my eye :D
moderate themes always do the trick to ultimate classiness

And so, on a final note, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER LADIES!! it only comes once a year for some of us!...
Mini FT

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