Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Plus size and they are loving it...

Beauty comes in all sizes just do it right and no one will notice... fab 
I love Jill Scott, and she is looking fabulous... embracing the metallic fashion of spring

As I always say, being curvy doesn't mean dressing ugly... take note
Miss borgella showing you how to use colours
Jordin giving love to her roots...i want one saying love TZ
A beautiful young lady Raven showing you all fashion comes in all sizes

ofcourse she can work a dress and embrace her curves gracefully


Anonymous said...

Dada FT could you help me with finding a good make-up for dark-brown skin? I getting married soon I want to look super with make -up. If you have photos for more details I will appreciate.

FT said...


I will try my best as I am not an expert with make up but no worries. Thanks for visiting finishing touches...