Saturday, 15 March 2008

Mustafa Hassanali

Hi guys, I have never given props to Tanzanian designers well, mainly because I have never seen anything in pictures that has wowed me but when I saw these from Mustafa Hassanali. I was like wait a minute that wasn't shown in the pictures in blogs...So today I will give some of these the thumbs up...I'm still waiting to be completely wowed!!
That's couture
Love the flow, didn't need the red flower, the belt was perfect
This is my favourite of all his designs since he started, TANGA OYE...Keep working it vicky!!
One shoulder people, all about the one shoulder
Nice colour, I don't think it needed the necklace though the jewellery on the gown was enough

Absolutely beautiful...

Images all accredited to Mustafa Hassanali!! Keep working it, you'll get there!!

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