Wednesday, 13 February 2008

What I wish i could wear if it wasn't too cold

We are all too tired of the frost, freeze of London, apart from the weird ones who love winter (my friend included). I am starting to make myself feel better whatwouldI fashion...the thought of the heat of summer and the freshness and warmth of spring is such a lovely thought...
i'd wear this vest in white
With this skinny jeans

And just because I love these shoes...I would  put the fact that i can't walk in this high a heel to the back of my mind and say i'd wear these too.

Ok, come back to reality and get back to the freeze!! A lovely valentine to all of you, it's all about your loved ones today. For me it's about my handsome man, and my family who I miss sooo much!! Have a good one Ladies...

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Anonymous said...

i can see we have same test in beautiful things, luck me i can wear that, bongo summer you know? but i would have wear as it is, with a big red bag, large sun shades with red flame and those cute red shoes... i will really make a statement there!