Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Trench coats: are they for you

Hi Ladies, First I must say thank you for all the comments. I do appreciate all the praise the change has gotten. I received a question asking whether Trench coats are suitable for short or tall people. Well aren't they a classy number, indeed. I actually quite like them but haven't quite found the one. That's how I shop you see, I have to get just the right one for it to go into my closet. 

Anyway, to answer the question, ofcourse in fact it will make you look taller. Just make sure it is not too long as it would make you look shorter. For shorter people i find that plain colours really help. If you wear it with boots or high heels, it will go perfectly. Be careful not to wear it with flats, as that's just ruining a perfectly classy coat.

For tall people, It will make you look slimmer and classy.

If you are very curvy, beware of the colour of the trench coat you choose other wise it would make you look heavier than you are.

Have a lovely day ladies... Fashion is my hobby, I don't eat and breathe it. It's within me and it is my will to share it with you so keep visiting Finishing touches...and have fun with life after all there's only one right but don't forget to thank God for what you have. 

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot you have answered my prayer !!