Monday, 11 February 2008

My Picks... For all you classy ladies

A magnifiscent Pucci Dress
 would go with these Lanvin Sandals
How about, this Marni dress

With these Chloe sandals
With these YSL basket front sandals


Anonymous said...

your picks today mmh mmh! I like none!

Anonymous said...

Hi FT, Titi again! needed you to take a look at this site.

FT said...

Hi Titi, I actually featured Peridot and Ruby last year on FT. I like their style and would love for them to bring new designs but they haven't ever since. I really like the way Western Africans take african fashion to another level!!

And to anonymous, thanks for your opinion...I believe till you wear it and see them on you then you can judge!!

Keep visiting finishing touches...

FT said...

Hi titi, just visited peridot and ruby, and they've brought some new stuff. Thanks Titi...will feature it tonight.

Keep visiting FT and your opinions, comments, and ideas are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi FT... hivi sasa blog inavutia sana! Asante kwa kusikiliza ushauri. Kazi njema mpenzi!