Wednesday, 23 January 2008

That special day...extra special

So we all want our special day to be just that...SPECIAL
I love candles and I am from the coastal side of Tanzania... so love the ocean what great scenery
Sometimes, we just think inside the box, lets think outside... flowers are beautiful how about...
Adding fruits in there... what a fresh look, alittle more outside the box
I remember while doing my 1st degree part of my Multimedia assignment was to create a CD-ROM for a live client. We chose ICEWORKS, we didn't know you could do that much to ice, yes that's ice
I love swans, so I asked how about having ice swans for a wedding...and here it was
We were invited to a lavish wedding which had an ice bar, fully with ice glasses...Thinking COLD. Not exactly, there are machines that do not melt the ice and can still stay at room temperature 
How about that, no more trips to the freezer, ok lets go really outside the box
How about have a starter bar
I love at one of the weddings we went to, they had a couple of tables with just fruit arrangements...yummy
They also do fruit curving
How about mixing the ice and the fruit
Just perfect

Just the icing on the cake to make that special day just that special

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