Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I am sure each and everyone of us has made their new years resolutions mine is just:

"get to the next stage," you may ask next stage of what?
Well, everything in life, I recently finished my my second postgraduate degree in media graphic design. Enough is enough...I always say that but end up thinking maybe I should do french and perfect my french. That I will do. But my new year resolution is to make all my dreams happen, whether it's FT or working in Media or other things that I have to do.
You know most of us academics find it very easy to be comfortable with continuing studying well it's time, another stage called 'life' starts here. I thank God I am accomplishing my dreams slowly but i'll get there and tie the knot.

What's your resolution and do you find it hard to move from ground and change things? Well, remember this, don't fear the familiar, you'll get used to the change, it's probably better for you!! Here is a little african couture...

Move over, here i come!!

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