Monday, 28 January 2008

Floral and Flaws while Ethnicity grows

From awards, to the catwalk to the eagerly awaited Carrie Bradshaw fashion where you get your inspiration from be sure to be yourself...
I love how designers are embracing the african world..the ethnic fashion is a big hit...why not be proud of what you have

While most awards have been without stars SAG Awards was blessed with the eagerly awaited red carpet fashion that we have been blessed with for the stars show their frills, layers and flaws...
Floral prints have been a hit on catwalks and this will also be seen on the eagerly awaited Sex and The City : The Movie. Carrie is the trendsetter as let not your wardrobe miss a floral number

It's a lady like bliss, that reminds us of the afternoon tea parties and garden parties, with modern chic

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